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As a sociology major, I have learned many sociological concepts that could be contributing factors that may help me with my future. Sociology is interesting seized my attention in the early stages of introductory course and has expanded significantly since then. The controversial aspect of the more abstract concepts engaged my attention and peeked my interest within a class setting. I had started as a sociology minor and with increased encouragement and continuous discussion about the inner working of how society works the Academic Center for Excellence; I pursued the degree as a minor until I reached my maximum amount of courses. Once I realized I only needed a handful of classes to get a degree in a subject that I could not get enough of, I decided to become a major. A degree in sociology means a lot to me; I am passionate about the material, it gives me a more thorough understanding of how everything is connected within a society, and it could help benefit me in any occupation. Obtaining a sociology degree means various things to me: it gives me knowledge of how deviance influences many aspects of daily life, the knowledge of how social classes affect different aspects of society, and it helps to explain how socialization …show more content…

A rejection of a norm affects those who partake in the deviance and those who face deviants in many ways. According to Durkheim, deviancy is a part of social organization that is necessary for a cohesive society. If there were not deviancy then people would not value the culture and norms in a society, as deviance aids to affirm them. Deviant acts help to define the boundaries for morals and norms; people learn the difference between a social norm and deviancy by labeling people. Deviancy helps to shape what is acceptable in society and how people control how they wish to be viewed or labeled by what deviance they partake in and what they show the

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