Essay On Computer Security

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ANSWER ASSIGNMENT 2 COMPUTER SECURITY QUESTION 1 PERSONAL VIEW In this new era globalization everything need a technology. In addition, nowadays people are always updated and alert with new gadget or any latest technology. For instance, now have many device in market such as laptop that student really need to do their task or any assignment, printer to print all the notes, smartphone also are needed to search any information without limitation and also knowns as personal assistant. Since the gadget or any technology are using widely used, it has their own pros and cons to people. Besides that, without we realizing we are also exposed to a lot of threats. Computer security are very important to protect the data and computer system. So, we have to avoid from many anonymous attacker, black hat hacker, script kiddie…show more content…
First of all, they should know the importance of computer security is. I suggest that do some event at college about the computer security and how to overcome because some of the students do not know or take it as easy thing. Actually if we let it after a long time it will become worse. For example, we know that teenager always download the movie, attach file but they do not realize that malicious code enter as well. This malicious code will harm and cause a damage. Is not because of technology or any protocol but actually because of the user and it might be a virus, worm or others. Moreover, our parent also not familiar with all this and their children should explain to them about the computing security and bad side of using the technology device. In addition the family will get more knowledge as well about computer security. Since we are modern era, most of the people have the smartphone and will use to search the article or any information to read on internet. So that, we cannot be a victim of an email. The hacker will steal the data and modified
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