Personal Statement: Marching Band

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I’m a person that is constantly doing something. Whether it’s marching band or working at Kumon, nothing satisfies me more than getting things done. I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. To me, I can’t will myself to be stuck doing nothing unless I’m sleeping or eating- it just isn’t possible. Although it’s a trait that some may not admire, it’s something I appreciate in the plethora of my personality traits. I never let work go undone or let people down, it isn’t in my nature to let things go like that. Perhaps that’s truly what this trait is- caring too much. And for me, this attribute allows me to understand the true meaning of hard work and determination. I have the willpower to always get things done, but not to just make myself …show more content…

Music has always been one of my greatest passions. By being in the marching band and dedicating myself to doing the best I can and form great relationships, I know that band has affected me in a very positive way. As a squad leader, I have also learned to value leadership and the importance of trying my best to achieve my goals. I was able to be someone a freshman or sophomore looked up to and that experience was worth more than anything in my time in high school. Another passion would include dance. Being involved in the Indian American Student Assocation allows me to get in touch with my culture while also exploring numerous forms of dance from the nation of India. From Bhangra to Raas, these dance forms have been my outlets after a long work day or trying to ease my troubled mind from time to time. It has also allowed me to show my school how pertinent it is to learn and appreciate other cultures that are so diversely coloring America everyday. Although these are only two of the many activities I participate and lead in, every experience I garner from these activities have helped shape who I am. The willingness I have to strive to become the person I want to, through my activities and willpower, are aspects I will never let go of in college and beyond. At the University of Toledo, I will also spread these ideas with me and cultivate them even

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