Persuasive Essay On Animal Testing

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Makenzie Palmer
Mrs. Ulch
English 1
Animal Testing What type of testing ends up using millions of animals every year for their experiments? These days many illnesses and diseases are in this world, these sometimes life threatening diseases are in need of a dependable cure. In order to find this unwavering cure there has to be some type of medical testing being done. A common type of testing being used these days is animal testing. Scientists are commonly using animals these days to test their studies. Sometimes people have to make rugged choices to encounter their proper aid, these scientists use animals for their proper aid. The world is a very opinionated place, full of harsh things and environments. Animal testing is completely erroneous because it is inhumane, not always precise, and is very hazardous to all, also it tests the limits of possible specie extinction. Whether it be throwing an animal in a cage with gases, or sending an animal to space, it is all inhumane. How could making an animal suffer possibly ever be justified? “Rabbits get put in restraints for something called the draze test.”-animal testing. Every animal on earth has a heart, a pain tolerance level, and a life. Just because maybe something does not screech, scream, punch, or put you in some sort of threat does not mean a thing. These animals live their lives in silence with no clue of what

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