Is Animal Testing Necessary

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Mahatma Gandhi once stated, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” In today’s world, animals are being used to control scientific variables in experiments including drug testing, the creation of cosmetics, and treatments for diseases. Animal testing can be beneficial in the aspect that it has contributed to many life-saving cures and treatments. However, on the other hand, animal testing can be seen as cruel and inhumane because of the way animals are treated. Animal testing is more complicated in the aspect that it is not just simply putting the end product on the animals, but torturing the defenseless animals with relentless experiments causing an unknown amount of pain. For example, chemicals are administered, without the use of pain relievers, on shaved areas of the skin or directly into the eyes of the restrained animals to test for the irritation of some cosmetics. This paper will adimentaly provide the information necessary to support the theory that testing animals is a form of cruelty in most circumstances, and is therefore morally unjustified. Animal …show more content…

Since the majority of animals used in biomedical research are killed during or after the experiments, and since many suffer during the studies, the lives and wellbeing of animals are routinely sacrificed for poor research that won’t even help find a treatment for humans. Paul Furlong, Professor of Clinical Neuroimaging at Aston University (UK), declares,"It 's very hard to create an animal model that even equates closely to what we 're trying to achieve in the human." Thomas Hartung, Professor of evidence-based toxicology at Johns Hopkins University, also joined in on the argument asking for alternatives to animal testing because "we are not 70 kg

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