Persuasive Essay On How To Stop Bullying

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Faith Pollard Hon-English 3 Mrs. Gallos 21 March 2018 How to Stop Bullying Bullying is the number one issue for adolescents in high school and middle school across the United States. People’s common knowledge about bullying is that they think that it is just a kid picking on another kid, but really it is much more than that. Bullying can happen in different scenarios and types such as, physical, verbal/social, and the most common recently cyberbullying. Bullying causes people to feel like they have no place in the word and it makes them feel so much pain that they believe their only escape is through committing suicide. Bullying has only increased through the years and it is not going to slow down. Bullying is an attack on individuals to make them feel helpless and unwanted, and it needs to be stopped before there are more deaths because of the issue. Physical bullying is what adults usually think of when they hear of bullying. Adults usually think that it is just young adolescents messing around and joking, or “just being a kid”, when really it is way more complicated and underestimated than that. Physical bullying is the is the most violent type of bullying. Physical bullying can be described as hurting someone physically and/or taking their possessions and damaging them. Some examples of physical bullying are shoving, stealing, and fighting. Usually the bullies are targeting people because they want to feel powerful, some bullies have personal issues at home and

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