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The U.S. Marines will be better off going to Iraq to help the christians from the ISIS terrorists because of them christians will soon be extinct. The Marines are highly trained soldiers that are prepared for the most dangerous tasks that there is. The U.S. Marines are well planned they know their every movement that they will do, if the plans change they are very fast thinkers. Any other branch for example, the U.S. Army they are trained to fight and kill enemies doesn’t matter who they are if they feel threat they will kill anyone. They were not trained for negotiating nor to talk they were trained to kill and fight for our rights to keep us free from any other state and/or nation.
The U.S. Marines have been around for many years they have been trained at their very best since November 10, 1775, the …show more content…

ISIS terrorists can swipe thousands of christians as little as 2 days. Christians are in need of the Marines for them to save them and take them to safety away from the terrorists. Christians will be burned alive, beat to death, treated like animals. The woman they could have them as slaves for themselves but as soon as they are done with them they will kill them. “ The woman ages 29 and 33, were raped before the crowed, summoned to watch, and then were beheaded.” They don’t care if they are christians men, women, girls, boys, or babies they will kill them so that there won’t be any christians left in Iraq. The U.S. Marines can stop this from all happening, they can go to Iraq have a plan to take all christians to a safe area and protect them. They can stop the christians from going extinct in the holy land.
The U.S. Marines who have been trained and well skilled for over 240 years and have been successful can help the christians at Iraq the holy land of the christians from going extinct. The Marines are very good what they do and that’s all that they want is to be saved and

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