Emotion-Focused Coping Strategies

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Perseverance. Positive masterminds show assurance. They continue endeavoring to produce the immense thought. Also, on the off chance that they 've thought of something not as much as flawless they endeavor to influence it to work. However, set out on your mission for a thought with an irresolute state of mind and you are probably going to surrender too quickly. What 's more, such a demeanor originates from inadequate inspiration, you are not sufficiently eager for it. Which takes us back to the should be clear regarding what you need from your thought. What do you truly need? On the off chance that you are being made to create thoughts as an aspect of your responsibilities and you can 't see the point, at that point I can 't see you producing …show more content…

According to Dr. Sharon Galor (2012) Emotion focused coping strategies aim to reduce and manage the intensity of the negative and distressing emotions that a stressful situation has caused rather than solving the problematic situation itself. These coping strategies thus help us feel better but don 't solve the source of our distress. It has been proven that especially among the terminally ill, emotional coping combined with actively expressing and processing emotions has psychological adjustment benefits like decreases depression, hostility and increases life satisfaction. Sometimes the strategies are utilized when one isn 't up to utilizing critical thinking techniques or when the stressors is to be excessively extraordinary for …show more content…

According to Quinsay R.R(2016) Drop Out reduction Program(DORP) will help the Philippines to reduce the high rate drop out and improve learning outcomes in public and private schools of the country using formal, on-formal, and informal approaches. A lot of the students quit school because they find school boring and not enjoyable, therefore, the school system should be improving in a way that it could be more enjoyable for the students. Student should be more supported by the teachers so that they would have a good relationship with the teachers who motivate them. They should also keep the subjects interesting to keep the students happy and ready for graduation. the family plays a big impact on the motivation of the student because if there are family problems in their family, it will most probably make the student have less good grades and on a long-time period, the student has no motivation. The support of the family for the student at school is more than very important for

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