Persuasive Essay On Social Media

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Social media is a very controversial topic. Some people believe that social media is a positive force, and some people believe that social media is a negative force in the world. The people who think social media is bad are wrong. Social media is a good thing as long as it is used appropriately and safely. First, social media platforms such as Facebook, are very helpful connecting people with others and lost items. For example, in the book article “Social Media: Like it or Leave it” by Rebecca Rowell, she states “People use social network sites to reconnect with lost friends and family, ask for advice, buy and sell items, and help people in need directly.” Family members who live in different areas of the country or state, can remain connected to one another and even share daily experiences. Often people who are looking for certain products or services, post inquiries on social media platforms. People respond to these inquiries with suggestions of individuals or businesses to contact. Also, businesses advertise their services through social media sites. There are situations in which children, pets, and even elderly adults go missing. In these situations, social media can be used to alert people and to elicit their help in finding the individual. Relief efforts fundraisers and emergency response are enabled through social media. For example, people are able to help the sick and contribute to medical expenses through websites like GoFundMe. That GoFundMe page can be

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