Personal Essay: The Art Of Letting Go

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The Art of Letting Go Have you ever tried of loving someone so much but chose to let that person go? I think that’s the perfect question for me to say “Absolutely yes!” I used to love someone so much that is long distance to me and to the extent that he means the world to me. Exaggerated, right? I usually don’t want a long distance relationship but because of him I didn’t mind. That feeling when every time I pray to God, the first thing that I will say is “Lord, thank you for giving Him to me. I am so happy that I have him in my life.” I felt so happy and I thought that we will last forever. I used to think that love comes only to the right person, that what you feel for the person is so unique and you will never feel that feeling to another…show more content…
I learned that love is not what I feel instantly to a person and I will never feel the same way with another. It is I who choose to love someone. I learned that there is that part of my brain that I think I like someone because of a specific attributes that I usually like to any man. And it is I or my brain who expound that feeling and declare it as a love. I also learned that I must never love someone whom I love more that loves me. I must choose someone who love me more because that small feeling can be expounded and it is up to my mindset if I will be happy or not. I also learned that I must never trust someone who lies. Because if he lies to me with simple things, how much more on bigger things that involve our future family. To love someone is my choice, and it is up to me on who I choose to love. To unlove him is not as easy as loving him, but for once in my life I have to think for myself and my reputation. And that’s why I chose to unlove someone whom I used to love so much for myself to be free of the toxicity of what myself have gotten to. And of thinking that letting go is the hardest decision that I will make. I came to a realization that letting him go is not the end, letting him go is the beginning of the new chapter of my life,
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