Persuasive Speech: Global Warming

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Each summer getting hotter, and each winter less white than the year before. The rest of the world is slowly turning into Florida, and Florida turning into the fiery pits of hell. What I describe to you is global warming, and to those who find it to be a fictitious liberal scheme, I advise you to tell that to the ice caps, as soon as you find one still frozen. Including the rising of both temperatures and sea levels, global warming is the partial cause of these disastrous hurricanes we saw this past year, including Irma, the category 5 hurricane that destroyed my sleeping schedule with its ‘1 week off from school’ force winds and ‘mile long lines at Walmart’ downpours. But fortunately for humankind and its posterity, I propose a simple solution…show more content…
The obvious and most ignorant complaint I’ve received is that it just won’t be cold enough. On the contrary, it will be plenty cold. In the U.S. alone, over 8,000,000 refrigerators are sold each year. Each of these refrigerators averages a temperature of 36 degrees. Using PEMDAS and other high-level AP student complex equations, I have determined that in only one year in the U.S, there is a total of 288 million degrees of cold. That is plenty enough cold to reheat our melting ice caps and make our Christmases merry and white once more. So as the haters have now understood the magnitude of cold we’re dealing with, some now wonder why we don’t use freezers, as they would no doubt bring many more degrees of cold. But you have to think realistically here. The American people are more attached to their ice cream than some their own children. Asking them to sacrifice their ice cream to save the planet is too great a cost and would result in no American participants. Finally, “the haters”, as our president would say, insist that the refrigerators would run out of cold. But as long as everyone participates, a neighbor’s fridge will be close enough to re-cold a near by fridge, and vise versa. The combined fridges will be cold enough to keep each other running for
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