Graduation Speech: It's Time To Stop Animal Abuse

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On a daily basis, about “7,000 pets are killed by their abusers”. People have to accept the fact that commercials on the television and little campaigns every now and then are not going to change that. The way we are dealing with this now is not at all the correct or most efficient way to do this. This abuse is in-human. Tell me, what is the difference between a human’s life and a dog’s life? Nothing. Life is life. The only differences are that it’s in another entity and that it is shorter than the average humans. Yet I believe, this makes it even more clear to leave the thing alone. If it has a short life, why not let it enjoy life the best it can? Animal abuse is growing and growing fast, and I think I know how to stop it. The current way…show more content…
is only through commercials and maybe some PSAs every now and then on the television. As it is evident in the way it is in current society, this is not even making a dent in the epidemic that is animal abuse. I believe that animal abuse should be treated as seriously as domestic or drug abuse. There should be counselors coming from school to school talking about the preciousness of every animal alive. We need to make sure none of our fellow classmates grow up to do these kind of things to animals. And if they do, we need to have a more serious prison sentence. I am going to tell you a story of an animal abuser I have heard of recently. The story contains some disturbing topics and ideas. If you are squeamish or love animals as family, please skip this paragraph. On February 17, 2014, a man named Bradley Boley was put in charge of a man’s 2-month-old Chihuahua named Buddy as the man went on vacation. As the evening progressed, Boley began continuously neglecting the puppy’s needs. As Boley sat there eating and watching the television for around 4-5 hours, Buddy…show more content…
That is why I think we should raise the animal abuse sentence from 6 months-5 years to something more serious like 5-10 years. Truly horrible people are not getting the reform they need through the current charges of animal mistreatment. This is only possible with a larger prison sentence. I believe everyone can be a good person if the just try, but some people like that need to try extra hard to find a

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