Persuasive Speech Outline

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1. Clearly define any terms that may not be familiar to your audience.
2. Keep acronyms to an absolute minimum.
3. Be enthusiastic and energetic.
4. Face your audience.
5. Speak loudly enough to be heard by the entire audience.
6. State the purpose of your speech.
7. Prepare a speech that will fit within the time limit given. That includes time for questions from the audience.
8. Be clear and precise
9. Relax and be yourself
10. Have confidence

1. Don't be late
2. Don’t slouch, be careful how you stand, never stand with your hands in your pockets as you speak or leaning on the podium.
3. Don't act like a statue walk around the stage or presentation area but don't wander too far
4. Don't distract from your message by including

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