Persuasive Summer Vacation

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The minute that everybody has been expecting for has at long last arrived. The people are inclining toward the edge of their seats, listening for the last chime to ring to unleash them to freedom. We all love it when summer vacation arrives, but the time just passes by so expeditiously. A high percentage of students want there to be a longer summer vacation, but are there really any benefits? Well yes, in fact a longer vacation will be associated with many benefits such as increased time for social life, health benefits, and education plus financial gains. Students need time to relax and de-stress. With the accumulation of homework, projects, assignments, tests and quizzes, students are constantly working and have no time to relax. This can be overwhelming, but students still put in the effort just to make it through the year because they know they can rest in the summer. Furthermore, this could cause students to become …show more content…

This may be true, but when you look at the bigger picture, a longer vacation just makes learning more efficient. Near the end of the year, most students become bored of school or become stressed so they don’t do as well, therefore if the year ended a month early, students would be doing better because of less accumulative stress. Due to this misunderstood flaw, some schools have a 45-15 routine. This basically means that after every 45 days in school, there is a 15 day break. However, a 45-15 day routine is not efficient because near the end of the 45 days, students will be counting down the days and will stop trying In school. Furthermore, another flaw could be how some families that are poor will have to pay for summer childcare. Nevertheless, this is cancelled out by the decrease in money that the parents have to pay for school lunches, etc. It can clearly be seen that some of these major flaws are no big deal and can easily be combated

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