Pharinet's Essay: Is College For Everyone

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Every year thousands of high school students will receive their diplomas and become graduates. For many of us this is a major moment in young adulthood. One of the first major decisions many of us will make following that day will be whether or not to attend college. All through school it is constantly pushed upon us that college is the best way to prepare for a successful future. However, everyone does not feel that way. In the following passages I will highlight an article that explains many reasons why college may not be for everyone. In the casebook "Should Every American Go to College", four short essays make points as to whether or not all Americans should attend college. In “Is College For Everyone'' a author first name Pharinet, author of above, mentioned how there are too many students in college who do not belong …show more content…

Pharinet makes it a point to let it be known that every person has the right to an education, but also lets it be known that not everyone should attend college (Pharinet 680). Though the drop-out rates vary, it is estimated that in the U.S., approximately 50% of students who begin college never graduate (Pharinet 680).Pharinet gives plenty of examples why college is not for everyone, financial challenges being the most common, working full-time, having children, or just having the mental mindset to stay focused just to name a few. Pharinet mentions that students usually end up working full-time jobs and going to school full-time, which can sometimes cause a great deal of stress and low grades. Students then usually end up dropping classes or taking fewer hours in order to keep up (Pharinet 680). Pharient states that “the best financial planning in the world will not prepare a student for the academic challenges that await them” (Pharinet

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