Police Force Wrongly

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Is the US Police department creating an environment in where it is allowed to use police force wrongly? I would agree. In most cases along with many documentaries, alleged crimes like these are not always adequately addressed by the Justice Department, sometimes even being shrugged off by the system. In simpler words I feel as if this is almost unfair. For those who might not know what this familiar, yet almost unrecognizable crime among officers is simpler terms is when the authorities abuse of their power, causing grave problems throughout the different communities across the country to which must be Immediately addressed by the system. Along with this particular social the issue, it is mandatory to suggest a few ideas on how the government …show more content…

Moreover, this type of issue has been sighted throughout history, although some negative police force cases falsely informed of the higher power. Such as cases from ancient times where laws did not apply to them. As this progressed, worsening through the 1800’s to the late 1900’s, the wrongly using the police force has affected many including the community’s trust in the Justice system. One such case titled as, Escobedo v. Illinois, where a law enforcement arrested a suspect for obtaining a confession to a previous murder, in which they undoubtedly ignored telling the suspect about is right to remain silent or the right to have a consultation with his attorney. Providing using methods as “....they confronted him with an alleged accomplice who accused him of having perpetrated a murder…” As previously written in The case recorded document. As John F. Kennedy once said,” The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened,” most of the victims of police brutality are those of minority groups. A study made by michaeloart.edu showed …show more content…

In the same article as cited in the previous paragraph by, thesocialogicalcinema.tumblr.com, stated,”67% surveyed reported that officers who say incidents of misconduct are likely to be given a “cold shoulder” by fellow civil servants,” the corrupted mess that this reveals The Justice system is utmost dishonoring. However, information provided by, huffpost.com, stated that “99% allegations of police brutality go uninvestigated in Central New Jersey,” as this continues to go on, how can we put our trust into the system if they Can 't at least investigate these incidents. Research, founded by byuiscroll.org, says that “15% of incidents involving misconduct by enforcement officials, resulted in deaths,” with the further investigation, we could reduce this number possibly a better one. Nevertheless, if the US Justice system could enable much more studies, these cases, we would be able to see an increase in confidence from the community to the

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