Political Movement: Causes Of The American Revolution

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A desire for a political voice in the government is one of the main issues that sparked the American Revolution. As the colonists, began to fight for the things they were often denied of by their ruler. Overall, the American Revolution was a political movement in which the colonists forcefully demanded a better system of government. Reasonings in which the colonists justified their revolt included the under representation of the colonies in the British Parliament with the implementation of the Stamp Act. Although the British government had appointed royal governors and other officials to represent the voice of the colonists, many felt that these officials could not do an effective job given the fact that these people were not colonists themselves…show more content…
Because England had sent soldiers to the colonies and provide for all defense, they deemed it necessary to implement taxes on the colonists as a way of making up for the colonies’ lack of effort during the war. For example, the Sugar Acts and all that followed were created for the sole purpose of fixing the economic losses from the war. A successful outcome was achieved due to the strategies in which the colonists were able to gather and assemble people to lead the revolution. Through many protests, boycotts, and literature, such as the use pamphlets, information was spread throughout the colonies and united these people under a common goal. For example, the First Continental Congress was a meeting in which the most influential leaders of the time came together to discuss a course of action in how to effectively present their demands. Acting as a unified force was the strongest element that contributed to the success of the colonial army, and had they been swayed by their rocky start of many losses, the fate of these colonies may have been completely
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