Positive And Negative Effects Of Tv's Effect On Society

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Tv’s effect on society

Tv is a very powerful tool in the world today. It can have a positive or negative effect in society. Whether it provokes violence, sex or it present you with knowledge or ways to connect you with a powerful messages about what 's going on in the world. Tv has many uses and is used by evreyone form kids,teens and adults of all ages. Tv is an amazing thing but it 's not perfect and and her a few ways to prove it positivity and negativity

Like I said before tv is a useful tool . Watching Sesame Street is an example of it showing kids can learn lessons about harmony, working together ,being nice to one another , basic math and the alphabet using tv. Some television programs use visiting the zoo, libraries, Art Fairs, museums and other places to help children understand what is going on making them inactive with what they see on the Tv.By doing this they are encouraging them to keep watching and learn some more.

Sadly even though we can see that tv can be used for good there is a negative side to this coin.The amount of violence on Tv is on going up . The average kid sees almost 12,000 violent acts on television yearly in the usa , including many depictions of death and and forced sexual intercorces . over 1000 studies show that exposure to a lot of television violence rises negative behaviour, mainly in young men. Other studies link television publicity of suicides to an rise in suicide risk. Kids that are at most risk are kids that are
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