Project Manager Characteristics

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A project manager is someone who is in charge of planning, organizing, and executing a project or projects. Project managers, as anyone might guess, manage projects. This can include businesses, schools, hospitals, the government. Any place that has people working will have a project manager on their employment list. They are both leaders and managers and they are the ones that will closely oversee and manage projects that the company has handed out. While working a project, project managers use the project management life cycle to guide them towards success. The steps in the life cycle include: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. Initiating is when the project manager or the PM’s boss will define a new…show more content…
To add, they have to love what they do and embrace the challenges that are thrown their way. Additionally, they need to have a clear vision and be able to communicate their vision clearly. They need to have strong team building skills and set positive tones in the work environment. They also need to possess strong communication skills and strong business acumen. Furthermore, they need to have an aggressive leadership role in their work environment. Those with a leadership role that strong will naturally command authority and they will make sure their team doesn’t buckle from the weight of the project. Moreover, if a project manager has all the characteristics of an effective project manager then finding a fitting job won’t be difficult. When it comes to finding a project management job, it’s not hard. Large businesses and even small business or schools, for example, will all have a need for a project manager. In a job, project manager’s will work for the head, or the CEO/CFO of the company. Sometimes they might even report to someone who works under the head, but is just as important and has the authority for someone to have to report to them. Additionally, there will always be someone that a project manager has to report to about the current project or…show more content…
The project manager is in charge and monitors and controls what their team is doing. They also will have most, if not all, of the authority during the project. The other roles that are given to the team is to make sure that everyone has a specific job and will make sure everything is going according to plan. Furthermore, giving out roles in the team might guarantee that the project is carried out and executed before the deadline that was given and it will be executed without any bumps in the road. However, although there may be a project team and the outcome of the project may seem easy, there is still difficulties that a project manager may have to face. Some difficulties that a project manager may face include not having enough money to be able to execute the project the way it needs to be executed, there could be an incident that happens where the project then needs to be killed, the project is taking longer than expected, or the initial plan for the plan isn’t working out so a new plan is made. All of these things are real possibilities that can happen and this can add stress onto the project manager, the team, and the company. However, at the end of a project, it comes time to reflect on what worked, what didn’t work, and what the team and project manager enjoyed the most. When Mrs. Baker came to talk, she mentioned that when she is working on a big project, she dislikes asking for

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