Proofreading Vs Editing

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A paper that fails to get proofread and edited is a paper that is destined for failure. Proofreading and editing is a very difficult task to accomplish. Trust is placed upon the task, as well as the person executing it. Nonetheless, it must be done, ideally from a non-biased individual. Proofreading is used to check for grammatical and spelling errors, while editing is the process of fine tuning the content and improving sentence fluency ("Editing and Proofreading"). The first step begins with reading the paper all the way through two times. Following, the paper must be edited with a focus on ideas and content alone. Next, the paper is read once again, concentrating on sentence fluency. Then, the essay is read and proofread one more time for conventions. This process may repeat once more to confirm all proper changes were made. The proofreading and editing steps must be sequestered from each other because the human mind is sometimes incapable of searching for multiple things simultaneously. Proofreading and editing a peer’s essay is the only way to ensure a successful grade. Knowledge of several specialized terms are needed to guarantee the best grade and to effectively proofread and edit a paper. The first term…show more content…
Just like proofreading and editing a paper, removing a band aid can be a daunting task that is feared by many. Both procedures are handled with care and are slow processes at first. It may hurt in the beginning, but by the end, it is a breeze. In proofreading and editing, it may be scary to face the task full force towards the beginning. As time goes on, it becomes increasingly easier and more comfortable to mark the paper completely with all the suggested corrections. In the end, letting the skin air out from removing the band aid and reading an improved essay both give a sense of
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