Pros And Cons Of Betsy Devos

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Betsy DeVos has no idea what she is talking about when coming to how it should really be run. We should not let someone with no education experience tell our teachers how and what to teach. Betsy DeVos has never gone to a public school, her children have never been to a public school and Betsy DeVos has never taught at a public school. You would not let an uneducated farmer perform a doctor's job, the farmer would have no idea what they are talking about. Then some people say Betsy DeVos would be a good pick due to the fact that Betsy DeVos was picked by Trump and Pence. In addition less educated people means less opportunities to become what they want in life, more or less due to the fact that Betsy DeVos does not support public schools and wants to cut some funding. It's a commonly known fact the majority of children in the United States go to public school making families with less money unable to have their children get an equal chance at education. Usually a common thing some people say is that we should just give her a shot and see what is the worst that can happen but history tends to repeat…show more content…
We are not worth a lot compared to her, we are worth .00033% of what Betsy DeVos is worth (Around 5 billion) and more then likely Betsy DeVos does not have the people's interests interests in mind. Betsy DeVos was picked because of the donations Betsy DeVos sent to congress and of course in the world of government the more money you have the more influence you have but in this case a lot of people say Betsy DeVos will use this money for the children but the likelihood of her actually using her money for them is very small. Betsy DeVos rarely donates to educational charities and schools but Betsy DeVos does seem to support private Christian
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