Pros And Cons Of Colonization Of North America

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Colonization of North America The United States is built mainly on the foundation and the hardships of Great Britain, Spain, and France. Each country sailed a crossed the Atlantic Ocean, not for the same reasons, to try and take over what is now North America. Each government took its own tactics to try get the best colonies. There were pros and con to all of the different efforts made by these country’s government. Although these governments went about colonizing in different ways, there is still some similarities between them. For starters, both the French and the British countries wanted to profit economically from their colonies. The French made their profit through the Fur Trade with the Native Americans, and the British sold different…show more content…
At first, they wanted to be able to live in peace with the Native Americans because they needed their help to get food. They settlers were also outnumbered by the Native Americans, so fighting them would be pointless, for their fate would not be bright. Even though the settlers knew this, problems began to rise right away. The main conflict between the Native Americans and the European settlers was the idea they had in mind about the land. Because of these different thought processes, conflict between Native Americans and European settlers went on for hundreds of years. Having possession and own land was very important to the European settlers. To them, land meant that one was very wealthy and had some kind of political power. Because of this, many of the European settlers that come to North American were able land that they would have never been able to afford in Europe because they were too poor. This is because the companies in Europe offered land to anyone who was willing to take the dangerous trip and settle in North America. On the contrary, the Native American believed that no one could own the land, they were only able to use it. The Native Americans were one with nature. The understood the fact that the land provided them with a home and food, and they did not try and change…show more content…
Since this land belonged to the Native Americans long before I stepped foot onto the grounds of North America, I would have wanted to live in peace with them for as long as possible. I would have thanked them for teaching how to grow our own crops by returning the favor in another way that would benefit them. I would try and work cooperatively with the Native American and live in peace. I would not kick them out of their own land. I would have wanted them to live side by side with me and my people. I wouldn’t come to this land that was already owned by people and try to take it away from
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