Pros And Cons Of Free Tuition In College

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Agree or Disagree: Free Tuition in College Seventy-two percent of Democrats support the idea of the government taking over college and university payments, while 73 percent of Republicans oppose it. Independents are divided, 40 percent in favor and 42 percent is against free college (Cohen) . There is a smaller percentage of people who approves. Having a tuition-free college has pros and cons that both affects the people as well as the government. However, pros are more relatively accountable based from my research and observation. Supporters who agree says that having a free debt college, this will send a clear message that community college is an affordable option for all students. Even though tuition and fees make up a small portion …show more content…

An even larger majority -- 75% -- says college is too expensive for most Americans to afford. Similarly, a record of share of students are leaving college with a substantial debt burden, and among those who do, about half (48%) say that paying off that debt made it harder to pay other bills; a quarter say it has made it harder to buy a home (25%); and about a quarter say it has had an impact on their career choices (24%) -- (pewsocialtrends). This just simply shows that it is better that there are no more tuition in college in which will help lessen the percentage of people who suffers difficulty in paying debt. Although we know how great number of people contradicts in giving a free education for college students, it is one of the needs of students and will also be an ease for their parents. Along with this, President Obama made a proposal which offers two free years of community college where this proposal of the President had received lots of different positive and negative opinions, comments, and feedbacks from it. If students and parents are to be asked, most of them will definitely approve in the President’s proposal for they are the ones who are experiencing the difficulty in paying fees. Others might say that pushing free college will make the readiness and student …show more content…

There might be some changes and adjustments if the government will pursue and approve having tuition-free in college, but the benefit that it will give each and every family is the important goal. Still, there might be a division of people who sympathizes in two groups (which are those who agrees and disagrees) for they can see and predict what would possibly be the result of a free debt for college, but no matter where they look forward to, at the end, the government is still the one to decide whether to pursue a free tuition in college or not. For now, we should think which side do we support and think what possible result or effect it may give

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