Pros And Cons Of Rational Choice Theory

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This report will be using Classical Theory and Rational Choice Theory to explain Domestic Violence. Classical Theory believes that crime is a free willed choice. People commit crime because they can. People are rational thinkers and they have the capability of free thought and freewill. It is recognised that a person can way up the pros and cons as to whether they participate or commit the crime and then decide whether they do it.
Rational Choice theory states that the individual must have these for things to commit a crime, they must be in the mood, have the opportunity, they need the knowledge of how to commit the crime and the experience; applying this with Domestic Violence, The offender would be in the mood to offend, …show more content…

Rational Choice believes that all crime which is committed is premeditated, that nothing is last minute, however thought out. It continues to explain that specific crimes which are suited to an offender are committed because it is easy, satisfying and rewarding to them and their …show more content…

Crime is caused by the individual’s free will. Humans are rational and make the decision as to whether they commit a crime or not, and have the knowledge of understanding what consequences are. Humans choose to perform the rational thought actions of which they believe would bring them pleasure. Classical theory believes that crime is the immoral form of behaviour. The person who commits the crime is in the wrong because of their actions not their mental state. Punishment is because people choose to commit a crime. The punishment should be strong enough to deter people from committing the

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