Pros And Cons Of Recruitment Consultants

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What do Recruitment Consultants do? Recruitment consultants job is to attract candidates and matching them to temporary or permanent positions with client companies. Consultants work with client companies building relationships to gain a better understanding of their recruitment needs and requirements. In other words a manpower recruitment consultant is intermediary between corporate who looks forward to recruit staff and the people who are looking out for jobs. Manpower consultant has two customers Client and the Candidate. Recruiting through external resources are know as recruitment consultant. It is in fact a lengthy process. In this process corporate gets in touch with the Consultants for the payment charges first. Mostly recruitment…show more content…
They use mediums such as Job portals, References, Head Hunting, Social Media etc. for searching the candidates. Consultancy team start with screening the profiles according to job description sent to them by corporate. After that they start with calling and meeting with candidates so that they can understand their profiles to short list the eligible candidates. After short listing the candidates, consultants forward the profiles to the organization and then according to the availability of the clients and candidates they schedule an interview. Once the selection of the candidate is completed consultant receive money in terms of fee. They also receive an incentive, if that candidates works well in the…show more content…
Secondly, you need to spend hours in researching and telephoning people outside of producing job descriptions, interviewing candidates and organizing appointments. Once you are done with a good list of businesses clients (corporate) and candidates, you should keep focusing on getting fresh clients through referrals. Once it starts on a regular basis you can then work on the contacts you have to make it for long-lasting. 2. Focus on your attitude Being a manpower recruitment consultant you have to be optimistic and genuine because you have to deal with people on daily basis. You must be self motivated. You have to be a good listener. If you like to communicate with new people, then this pitch is right for you. 3. Stay professional In this profession trying to be friendly with all the potential candidates is the biggest mistake which many young recruitment professional commits. This attitude will lose your respect and contact too. You are here to make clients not friends so it is needed to concentrate on your business. 4. Learn to work as team Good relations with other consultants will help you to grow your business. You should keep learning from your fellow consultant on how to work especially if you are a beginner then this point is for you. 5. Keep Motivating and Open Lines of

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