Pros And Cons Of Vaping

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Hello FDA, we are AdVANTAGE -- giving your cause the advantage it needs. It is your duty to keep Americans healthy; you can do this by choosing our agency to discourage vaping. More than 9 million adults vape regularly in the US, and many teenagers just beginning life are trying vaping because they lack the knowledge of what it does. Nicotine exposure from vaping causes asthma, gum disease, insomnia, nosebleeds, coughing, dry skin, and dizziness. There is a lot Americans work for, and that should not be lost because of one bad habit. Teenage girls, who are the future of the US, are especially susceptible to vaping because it is advertised as less harmful in relation to smoking. The print ad paints a picture of a successful, smart, and happy woman who knows that vaping is degrading to health and unnecessary, which is backed up with facts, in order to help girls believe they can be the same. …show more content…

The print ad appeals to logic by providing three key facts: nicotine, which is present in substances vaped, causes asthma, less immunity, and severe addiction; girls think that fruit flavors are less harmful than tobacco flavors, but they both contain nicotine and similar amounts of harmful materials; third, vaping causes brain and egg damage. Additionally, the advertisement appeals to the audience’s ethical appeal by presenting the FDA’s name which boosts the ad’s credibility. The Food and Drug Administration has been established for 111 years, is associated with the government, and has an annual budget of $4.36 billion. Furthermore, Emma Watson provides a role model figure for many girls, and by utilizing her clean image, the ad portrays the idea that girls can follow in her footsteps and be like

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