Psy 105 Critical Thinking Skills

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As the time is ending for this term in PSY 105: Introduction to Psychology, I could benefit the information that was given to complete this course. In discussion four, I had chosen critical thinking, cognitive skills which has shown me a lot of strategies to help me become a better listener as well as a problem-solving technique. I am grateful to have learned different techniques of the concepts that was delivered throughout this course. I have found that the information that was in this course, will help achieve my goals with changing my career into Accounting. Having critical thinking being a part of my daily life to make everyone that I socialize with will help them. As example, maybe we all do not see eye to eye on everything, but there is comprise with every decision we make, even if there is conflict. In this term, I can say by learning and dealing with life’s challenges with psychology has helped me develop new strategies of learning with profession in my career and as well with my personal life challenges. There is a quote I have found on ECPI library for critical thinking that I thought I would share, it states “It is possible to store the mind with a million facts and still be entirely uneducated.”-Alec Bourne (Snyder, L. …show more content…

As for my professional experience on the knowledge on critical thinking these strategies will help support the thinking process that I can give and help deliver the information to my students in the proper form. This will also help my students with the lectures that I teach in class, to understand the theory, help social skills, and as well as work ethics. These are so important not for students but for everyone. I can remember when a teacher of mine explained how much one can learn from so many, this is so

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