Pursuing A Football Career

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People grow up wondering what career paths there going to take in the future. Variations from Doctor to engineer and many more paths wonder through these people 's minds. The thing that shocks people most is most the time they do not take the path they Chose as a teen. Interruptions may interfere with your path, or you might just lose interest in the field you were wanting. I am going to tell you a quick essay of path finding and to always keep an open mind. Throughout my life I have been a football guru, I would eat, breathe, and sleep football. The career that I wanted was to be a NFL football player for the Dallas Cowboys. It all started when I was 6 years old when I played for my first football team. My dad would coach me on top of what the coach was teaching to make sure I was exceeding my limit. Years went by playing for different teams different coaches, and I began to get pretty well known for my athleticism. I never worked so hard in my life on something then I did on football. I started 1st string ever year at the position I was playing due to how hard I worked. Sophomore year shows up, bout the time colleges start scouting players to join there teams. The biggest life changing event ever happened to me. I was in a car accident, a pretty brutal accident actually. I was…show more content…
I thought to myself that I 'm always wanting to help people, I 'm always wanting everyone safe, and want everyone to have someone to look up to in life. So I thought well a police officer plays all of those roles. I would be able to serve and protect all of the people in my jurisdiction, and to me that was a big deal. So I did my research on what it takes to become a police officer and what qualifications you have to have to apply. BAPD requires 64 credit hours of college and 21 years of age, so I have to wait 1 year for the age since I 'm 20 years old and I 'm currently enrolled in
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