Qualities Of Peyton Manning In American Football

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Peyton Manning exhibits several traits that make him a great leader. He also has an impressive list of accomplishments. He has won two super bowls and has been a five time most valuable player in his long career of playing quarterback in the NFL. Peyton was always respected by his teammates and the entire league. He has several attributes that has made him successful as a leader both on and of the football field. One trait would be commitment, he was known to watch game film before and after practice his whole career. Another trait he exhibits is being humble. Peyton Manning was one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, yet his entire career he acted like just a normal guy. He was relatable for fans and other players, and this helped him be a better leader. He also demanded excellence out of himself and his teammates. After any loss his team suffered, he would admit his mistakes and not try and blame others. Another trait would be resilience. Even after he suffered a painful neck injury that required surgery and was let go by the Indianapolis colts, he kept going. Eventually he was signed by the Denver Broncos, and won Super Bowl 50 in his last year playing football. (Campbell) …show more content…

He was always respectful on the field and in interviews. When he was talked about on sports television shows like ESPN, the broadcasters discussed his sportsmanship and class. He was always humble person. A perfect example of this is when an interviewer called him an entrepreneur. They were talking about his investments in Papa Johns in Colorado. He responded by saying “I’d be careful using that word, I’m trying to learn the business. I cannot give anyone in this room business advice.”(Mochari) This shows how he is humble. Peyton Manning has earned a decent amount of money doing commercials throughout his career, and is a marketable person. Yet he still views himself as an everyday

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