Radiography Personal Statement Examples

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My interest in technology and curiosity of the human anatomy perfectly binds together in Radiography, especially in the treatment aspect, which is what really caught my attention about this course. I was highly fascinated by the scientific aspect of the course, and look forward to studying the technological approach to medicine – learning to use advance imaging techniques, such as X-rays and MRI Scans. Inspired by my parent’s hard work in healthcare, I was determined to develop an empathetic approach towards other people and eventually gained the desire to be at the heart of modern medicine, by wielding the latest imaging technology to cater to the needs of others.
Health and Social Care, English Language and Applied Business, all three consist of abundant coursework. Simultaneously juggling coursework pieces throughout the year has allowed me to develop great work efficiency and organisation – which I apply in everyday life. Through my love of human physiology in A-level Biology, I was intrigued how our genetic structure alters our physiology, and because of this I have adopted a critical and analytical way of thinking. …show more content…

I was given multiple opportunities to analyse the images and provide my own diagnosis (with reason), allowing me to expand my knowledge and reasoning skills. Impressed by the use of advanced technology, I was thoroughly engaged into the experience, and found myself wanting to learn more. Furthermore, I had shadowed a Rheumatologist, where I witnessed a specialist treat patients that had auto-immune diseases, ranging from a common case of Giant-Cell Arthritis, to a rare case of Vasculitis. Observing how passionate the practitioner approached their responsibilities further encouraged and solidified my intentions of going into

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