Radiologist Career Research Paper

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How long have you thought of a job for when you grow up? If you want to be a doctor who works with x-rays and medicine then a radiologist is the best position for you. Radiologist is a magnificent choice for people who want to be a doctor but also like to take x-rays/ pictures because of the work tasks you need to complete and the training and education you need to get to earn this position.
The field radiology is in is the medical field. Radiology is in the medical field because some of the main activities you do is take x-rays of people, diagnose diseases people have and breaks in their bones. You also work with a group of people including a radiologist assistant and a few radiologist nurses that set up and prep the patient and area for their x-rays. …show more content…

You need a lot of education for this job. You have to go to college for about 8 years after you graduate. The path to become a radiologist starts with gaining your bachelor 's degree. Some things you must know before you go to medical school are physics, chemistry, and biology. After that you will go to a medical school to become a physician. After that you will rotate to a few areas such as surgery, internal medicine, and pediatrics. You must get a license to practice medicine. Once you get your job as a radiologist you must renew your license every few

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