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Does acid rain affect the growth and germination of beans? This is a very important question to all people that are in the business of beans and the people that benefit from their production. There have been a lot of experiments done on how acid rain effects plants, trees and seeds (Environmental Protection Agency, 2013). This is because acid rain is getting worse and becoming a bigger problem by the day. It has not only been known to effect plants but also building, monuments (Yining, 2011) and human health (Perlman, 2014). Acid rain and its effects on bean growth and germination is an area that needs to be looked into more for environmental, economic and health reasons.
Public concern for acid rain has decreased from 41% of people caring a great deal and only 11% not caring in 1989 to 25% of people caring a great deal and 20% not caring in 2007 (Encyclopedia.com, 2008). Acid rain has been known to affect the germination of hardwood plants (fan, 2000) and has been known to dramatically affect the growth of peas when the pH level is more acidic (Shawhney, 1996). 5% of employment in South Africa in 2012 is in the field of agriculture (The World Bank Group Data, 2014) and world-wide over 1 billion people are employed in the agriculture field (World Bank Group, 2008). If the growing of the beans is slowed down or stopped by acid rain it could have a major impact in the area of employment as well as many other areas.
Acid rain is a term that describes the mixture or wet and

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