Ralph Is A Good Leader In Lord Of The Flies

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In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, after a plane crashes on a deserted island, a group of kids with no adult supervision on the island, the kid have to figure out how to survive and get rescued. Ralph is voted as leader of the group, because he seems like he looked the part and had good charisma. Ralph blows the conch shell to assemble all of the kids to see who survived and to discuss what to do next. At first we see that Ralph does show he can be a good leader by making a plan on how to get rescued and assigning jobs to other kids. But as the book progresses he slowly turns into a bad leader who does not have control over the kids, when he gets frustrated and cannot control the kids to do their jobs. In the first couple chapters of the book , Ralph is acting like a great leader, one great decision that showed his ability to lead was the idea of whoever held the conch shell can talk, while everyone else had to listen to the person holding the shell. This was a great decision because it kept everyone under control while people are sharing their ideas. If this decision was not made then it would be almost impossible to have…show more content…
When, after Ralph gets the fire going with the help of Jacks idea of using Piggy’s spectacles to light the wood, Ralph then tells everyone that they need to start building shelters to live in. After nobody shows up to help with the exception of Simon, Ralph decides he must take responsibility into his own hands and start to build the shelters on his own (with simon). This shows Ralph has trouble making everyone do their jobs, also as we see when he says to Jack,” You remember the meeting? How everyone’s going to work hard until the shelters were finished” (50). Instead of Ralph then doing something about it he just stays there and just complains some more because he is afraid of telling the other kids to stop playing and to start
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