Recovery Compensation System

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Facilitate the transition of service members (SMs) from the initial treatment phase through recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration back into a military position or into "civilian life" as a veteran
Ensure that the CRP or Comprehensive Transition Plan (CTP) is complete and that it meets the RSM 's and he family 's needs and goals
Collaborate with the unit commander and case managers to coordinate resources identified in the plan
Ensure accessibility to resources and care and minimize delays and gaps in service
Provide oversight and assistance, identifying gaps in non-medical services, to address everything from home adaption, transportation, and finances to child care and education
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Updated Pre-IDES or post-IDES based on the needs of the RSM
Update the Comprehensive Plan
Update the LC Checklist
Refer those Airman designated as CAT 3 to the VA Federal Recovery Coordination Program (FRCP) POC through their respective RTL by completing the FRCP Referral Form
Work with CCMs to ensure local providers and leadership are fully aware of the SCAADL Program 's intent and eligibility criteria
Work with CCMs to ensure SCAADL re-evalutions are completed at least every 150 days from the date of RSM 's last SCAADL effective date
Process and submit all applications to the SCAADL Program Manager
Send SCAADL requests to AFPC/DPFWS
Inform Inspector Generals (IG) of the RSMs who are living in government quarters of the RSMs living arrangements. This must by the 15th of each month
Keep a continuoulsy updated comprehensive list of enrolled RSMs living at bases you serve. Add and delete RSMs as applicable
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ring the IDES
Ensure that the RSM and family has access toa ll medical and non-medical care management services including, but not limited to medical care, rehabilitation, education, employment-related programs, and disability benefits
Oversee the CRP, anticipating future challenges during phases of recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration
Identify gaps in non-medical services, intervene as necessary to expedie outcomes and assists with coordination of resrouces to develop and improve outcomes for enhanced delivery of nonmedical services
Facilitate an efficient, effective, and smooth rehabilition and transition back to active duty or civilian life as a veteran through coordination with appropriate personnel
Coodinate local and state resources, including referral to Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies, state, and local services and agencies
Collects, maintains and analyzes data for planning and reporting purposes in accordance with governing program guidance
Maintains detailed records fo RSMs to document delivery of benefits and medical and non-medical care
Assist the RSM , and family and/or caregiver to navigate through the continuum of care which involves initial assessment, comprehensive assessment, linkage to family support programs and

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