Reflection About Basketball Game

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In February 16, 2011 it was Barangay Bato, festival in Philippines. Every year we do this in our town to show that we love our place. In the afternoon of that day the event starts like sack racing, basketball game, breaking the pot ,and there 's other event that i forgot its name. Every event I joined, I started with sack race, it 's a team race as the referee blow his whistle, the 1st person in my group is pretty fast, he jumped forward and kept doing it until he get to the finish line, and then there 's me as soon as my first teammate finished his role it was my turn I hurriedly put on the sack and keep jumping rapidly through the race, when I was halfway from finish line. My opponent started his pace, he 's a fast jumper and he beats me so the game continues and in the end we lost. Then the next event that I joined is basketball. My favorite sport, when the game starts I was a starter my team back then is good we beat the crap out of our opponent or we devoured them or we beat them. The only problem in that event was that our opponent was mad and tried to hurt us after the event luckily their madness to us through the game is fading away. And the last event that I joined is breaking the pot me and my brother joined this event, I was the first so they block my eyes with a small towel and spin 10 times and when I walked I don 't know my direction anymore, I step 5 times and when after that step I just swing the bat and BOOM! I missed And then my big brother joined he
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