Reflection About Racism

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ere are many reasons why I chose the topic of racism for my lesson but the main reason was due to it being such a large scale problem globally in this current moment. Ireland itself has changed drastically over the past 10-20 years. Ireland is now a multi-national and denominational country. Statistics compiled by the 2002 census says that ’5.8% of the total population were of non-Irish nationality.’ (Lodge et al, 2004, P.65) This statistic just shows us that the population of Ireland is widely diverse and therefore, education needs to address this diversity by raising awareness about racism. I believe it is pivotal to introduce the topic of racism to children from a young age to challenge and tackle any animosity that children may have towards people of a different background or culture. This is hugely important in my opinion as in today’s classroom’s they are very multi-national. Also from our readings in SPHE, I discovered an alarming statistic which states that ‘skin colour was used as the basis for name calling, as children drew attention to physical differences in attempting to gain the upper hand with one another’ (Devine, 2006) This statistic shocked and worried me as we are living in the 21st century where society is ever changing, I was worried as if we do not address the issue of racism now it could worsen. Racism is a major problem, children can be influenced by a number of things such as the media, their parents and other people, therefore, I think it is

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