Post-Group Process Learning Reflection

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Post-Group Process Learning Reflection From January 17 And 24th On January 17th we did allot of group activities including class sculpting and group representation of values in groups. For the class sculpting we went into two circle and one person became the sculptor and one became the clay, we were given expression like being surprised, and we had the sculptor had to reenactor the expression on the person that was the clay. I found this a unique activity to get the classes energy up and to get to know the class a bit better. This activity was something that I have never done in any other classes so this was a really unique experience. It allowed me to see how we are all humans but express our life and the emotion or idea differently from one another, I think this because there was no two …show more content…

So both activity were great group activity that helped me get know more people in the class, allowing me to be much more comfortable. Collaborating with other classmates helped me get started in identify my own strengths and weaknesses as a person for example it made me think about my role in the group am I a better leader than listener, or am I better at coming up with the 'big ideas ' . So both of these activities overall helped me enhanced my self-awareness internally, which is an immense thing, I don’t think any other class at KPU would ever try to build this, instead they would test you on this by putting you on the spot in front of the class with a bunch people you don’t know, which would result in me just listening to what the group wants me to do, which maybe be my weakness. In this class with activities like this I realized that it really helps me to find me strengths and weaknesses so I can focus on whatever I may need to do in order to make them

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