Reflection On Race Relations

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On Friday, February 10th at approximately 3:30pm myself and Megan were having a conversation in the staff room regarding a lesson. The conversation lead to us talk about how many people, though from the same race or ethnic group, may view an issue very differently based on their past experiences with the issue. To substantiate my point, I retold an experience that I had in college where students from the African continent and the Caribbean region did not completely understand the issue or atmosphere of race relations in the United States. I went on telling her that the harsh reality that most Black Americans face was vastly different from the many African and Caribbean students realities in our home countries. However, this misunderstanding lead to a temporary divide between the African and Caribbean students’ organization and the Black Student Union as they were not happy with the fact that we – …show more content…

I also added that she in no position to police what I say and who I say it to. She responded in a tone I perceived as being very authoritative and told me that I will not speak about this at work or speak about Black Americans in a negative manner. She went on to say that it affects her as she is Black manner and I could have possibly been speaking about her. She then added that she is sure that I never speak about Jews with David. I responded by saying that I was not speaking about her nor was I saying anything negative about Black Americans, I was simply talking a about an experience, I have spoken about Jewish things with David before and stated that she is in no position to police my conversations or who I have them with. She ended by saying that she expressed all that she has to say so I should leave the

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