Reflection On Shadowing

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Shadowing Reflection #1 One of the shadowing experiences that I want to reflect on is the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Forum I attended on Wednesday, October 11, 2017. All the administrators participated, and they brought parents and school representatives to this forum. I decided to shadow my principal to this meeting, so I joined the group from our school. I had never been to any LCAP forum or meeting, so I was actually looking forward to it. The forum was held at the district’s new STEAM center. STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. I have heard that the construction of this building has completed, but I had not seen the inside, so I planned to be there early. The forum was …show more content…

I was a bit nervous when my principal assigned me to be the recorder in our group. “Why me? I am not a good recorder,” I thought to myself. Yet, when I started to view this activity through an administrator’s lens, I took the duty willingly. I would have done the same to someone at our table if I were to be the principal. He probably picked me for a reason, because I was there to shadow him. When the list was completed, every group was asked to put up their ideas on the wall and share aloud. I put up and shared our ideas. There were some ideas that I think were odd, but I shared them anyway. For example, one of the parents in our group shared with us about an after school program that involves teachers as personal coaches for low performing students, allowing them to call home or do home visits as …show more content…

By listening to my principal and many other principals sharing, I have noticed that no one strategy is working for every school. It was also clear that no one strategy is bad for every school. It seemed like each principal is using whatever strategies that work for him or her. As a result, each school proposed improvement in a slightly different area. A few schools wanted parents to be able to check out classroom Chromebook, so parents can help their kids online at home. Some wanted to provide free internet access to socioeconomically disadvantaged families, so students can complete their online homework at home. Others wanted to offer extended day support for low performing students, when teachers and clinicians can provide support to students in a small group setting. As I tried to figure out ways to address all these different opinions, I realized that there is not a quick fix. I tried to figure out how a superintendent would address the needs of all these schools, but my mind kept on spinning with no clear

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