Reflection Paper On Science As A Teacher

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INTRODUCTION For an educator to be successful at teaching their students, the teacher must be able to asses the individual students knowledge of a subject (Guskey, 2003, p6). The clinical interview is a useful tool for assessing a student’s individual knowledge, along with other aspects of the education process. An instructor who is conducting clinical interviews are will be able to recognize the students thought process and learning behaviors when it comes to solving a problem or explaining a process to complete a report (Ginsburg, 1997, p.147). Furthermore, the interview allows the instructor to recognize gaps in both the student’s knowledge and the instructors teaching methods. Consequently, the results of the clinical interview help instructors to ensure students are receiving the best possible education they can receive. More so, they can apply the knowledge they received to other aspect of the world even after finishing school. In this interview I will be exploring my knowledge of science using the phases of the moon. This task should point out the basic knowledge normally received in elementary levels of education, of how the moon rotates around the earth as it rotates around the sun.
My knowledge of science is more biological based. I have received instruction in science my entire education process, but within the last ten years my knowledge has been focused on the biological aspects of science. I have very minimal knowledge of the field of astronomy even
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