Reflective Essay: My Love For Softball

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I was rounding the base, running to third I could hear my mom and mina (grandma) yelling “run maddison, run”. In that moment I knew my love for softball would take off. I was about 4 or 5 years old, on a T-ball team named after the major league baseball team the Red Sox. I had games every Saturday that my mom, sister (Cassidy) and Mina would some to while my dad worked most of the time. I continued to play T-ball throughout the years than eventually moved to the level of softball. I learned to absolutely love the sport and learned how to play well with others and work as a team and in a quick moving and fast pace environment. By the time I got to middle school years later, after 6th grade I was able to finally play on a real school team and it was such a great experience. Throughout middle…show more content…
Now most people would be nervous of moving to a new school, but all we had to do was move through new hallways since our middle and high school are connected. Freshman year was probably the hardest year I've had looking back at it now and shaped me to be who I am today. Back in 2013 my grandpa had passed away from a rare form of lung cancer and my Mina (grandma) was suffering on and off from it, having no one to take care of her my mom would stay at her house 5 to 6 days out of the week and she would go there right after work. I would hardly see my mom except in the mornings before school and by than she would be sleeping after driving home from Danbury at 5am. My dad was hardly around from work and just not wanting to be home. So here I was a 9th grade being only 14 taking care of my sister (who is two years younger than me) having no license or anything to help me. I learned to be really independent and caring, also I matured for my age faster than most kids at my age. After my Mina passed away my parents fought worse than ever and seperated and I went and lived with my mom
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