Group Reflective Essay

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Reflect on what types of groups you have been a part of and what your experiences were working in these groups. I have been involved in a variety of groups. Some of these include the group of people I work with for my job; groups of people involved in university and school projects; younger people that I tutor; volunteer groups and science camp groups. I love interacting with people, so I usually have a great time in group situations (and like to think other people have a great time too). However, I have experienced some negative aspects of group work in university where people didn’t pull their weight or didn’t complete work at all/on time. Choosing one of these groups and reflect on: What the group was about? The group I have decided to look at is science camp groups. In particular, a camp that required a lot of group work was the NYSF (national youth science forum), which I attended in 2015. The NYSF is a summer school program that aims to inspire future scientists. It was one of the most enjoyable things I have ever experienced, and catalyzed by involvement in other events, such as a …show more content…

This way, there was always someone to look out for you and for you to look out for and helped you develop your social skills over the course of the camp. Having someone who you felt more comfortable with made it easier to ask for help in difficult situations and to work together. I am still in contact with the girl that I was paired with and am planning a trip to Melbourne to visit her soon. I think another strategy that worked well was that we were all paired with people that had slightly varying personalities. This meant that we didn’t clash very often since everyone had their own niche to fill and it was valued. E.g. the more extroverted people tended to help organize roles and get things happening, and the more introverted people tended to come up with a lot of the good

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