Reflective Practitioner

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Each part of the Conceptual Framework is essential and important to being an educator. Being a Reflective Practitioner means that the educator is prepared and knowledgeable in the content that is being taught. Some that is a Transformative Practitioner seeks to motivate students to learn and is creative with study materials. The Culturally Responsible Practitioner looks to all of the national, state, and local materials and standards to educate students. This individual provides order, commitment, and knowledge to students. The Technologically – Competent Practitioner displays integration, usage, and application when educating students. Each part of the Conceptual Framework is very important. One of the most important aspects of the Conceptual Framework would be the Culturally Responsive Practitioner. Instructional planning is very important. Utilizing instructional planning means being knoledgable of the national, state, and local curricula and standards. It means using all resources, strategies, and data to meet the needs of all students. Another sub area that is very important would be differentiated instruction. This means providing students with content that challenges then and helps them to excel to new levels. It also means acknowledging all the different ways students learn. A positive…show more content…
There are many more trends but I chose these because they appealed to me most. Being a teacher as a facilitator means learning about student’s cultures and using teaching approaches that accommodates all learning styles. It also means using resources in the student’s communities. Culturally relevant and Responsive Teaching means displaying cultural competence, skills at teaching in cross cultural or multicultural settings. This allows students to relate content to their own
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