Human Impact On Biodiversity Essay

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Humans are impacting the world’s biodiversity in many negative ways, by the things that they do to get what they want and all at the loss of the natural environment. If humans carry on the way that are soon nothing will be left on this earth which is extremely sad to think about. Making small changes could really make a big impact.
Over harvesting has possibly got the greatest effect on biodiversity and the environment. Removal of an organism from its environment can often leave irreversible impacts on the environment its self. Historically humans have overharvested animal and plant species to maximize their short term profit, even though it is at the expense of the sustainability of many species. Over harvesting follows a pattern – species …show more content…

Increased ultraviolent rays have caused damage to some agricultural crops and to organisms in wetlands and coastal environments. Increasing water temperatures will alter the freshwater, ocean and wetlands ecosystems rapidly. The air temperature is predicted to increase which will affect many animal and plant species. The speed of the change is much faster than in the past which can cause a huge threat to species which cannot handle the rapid change. The species that need cooler temperatures will therefore become extinct soon. Global warming could also increase disturbances such as diseases, fires, storms and natural disasters. (Grobeman, …show more content…

Protected areas have been created to protect biodiversity and allow species to reproduce. Managing fisheries so that fish are only removed at a sustainable rate has also conserves biodiversity. Encouraging people to recycle and reduce has reduced the about of pollution let out into the atmosphere and oceans. (Grobeman, 2013)
In conclusion we definitely say that humans have an extremely negative impact on the natural environment and biodiversity of the earth. But as time goes on hopefully soon many people will see this and try help in any way they can and if everyone works together many things can be

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