Renbrook School: Personal Narrative Analysis

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Before attending Northwest Catholic, I completed my freshman year at Renbrook School. This school not only prepared me for what was to come for my future high school years but helped shaped me into the better person I am today. As a thank you for all Renbrook had done for me, I wanted to finally become immersed in school-related activities. Prior to ninth grade year, I stayed away from any school activity, since I believed it was a waste of time, and I could just relax at home. This kind of thinking stopped me from actually becoming a part of the actual Renbrook community. When I decided that I would do something recognizable, it would be my final year at Renbrook and I didn’t want to be another face in the crowd I wanted to be someone who …show more content…

As a transfer student, it became hard to become involved in activities that could make some sort of difference to a school of 600 kids, something I was not accustomed too. The reason was the fact that everyone knew each other and that by this time everyone was a part of his or her own so-called “clique”. As a transfer student, I was basically an outcast. Nobody was coming to greet me, nor nobody bother to invite me to events. I played a sport, but those cliques were still there. By not being a part of any of these groups, it became even more difficult to get involved in anything, especially school related. Therefore by not being involved in any group, It became harder to become involved in school related activities due to the outcast feelings. So for a certain time at Northwest, I became a “nobody”. The same person I disliked and threw away after becoming class president. To change this situation, I first had to gain friendships around my grade. As I began to meet people from my huge grade, I started to understand that Northwest Catholic was similar to Renbrook in the sense that every kid at both schools dealt with similar issues. The same issues I had to deal with back in my student council day. Realizing this, friendships came easier, and once again I began to become far more immersed in the school. However, instead of taking a more leadership role I would begin to become more involved in cultural issues, and eventually join the Model UN. Through this club, I started to realize how mediocre our problems were compared to those I n other countries. It helped me further my understanding that life is greater than just school. It shows that God has given you this chance to prove to him that you can do something to make a difference in this world for the better. For instance, working in model UN, helped me become better connected with the international students at northwest catholic.

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