Analysis Of Nike's Advertisement

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Fourth is Nike is from the people and functioned as a resistance power from the subordinate group. One source of inspiration for Nike advertisement and fashion may be traced from the black subcultures. Fourth is Nike is from the people and functioned as a resistance power from the subordinate group. One source of inspiration for Nike advertisement may be traced from the black subcultures: the funk music, and the streetball. The advertisement called "Funk ship" (YouTube, 2001) uses the funk music as ambiance music, with the black bottom dance. Another commercial called "Nike Streetball" (YouTube, 2002) shows the blacks are playing streetball to highlight the freestyle spirit. The music when the blacks dribble the ball seems like a type of beatboxing…show more content…
The basketball players wear ultra-loose basketball shorts in the advertisement is the application derived from the collapse pants in hip-hop culture. Wearing the large-size pants to replace the general fit pants symbolize the rebellion of hip-hop culture on the mainstream value. Nike is from the people, which its fashion is inspired by the subculture.

In addition, Nike as a popular culture fashion brand is beyond the culture of consumption. It makes a resistance to the dominant value of race. Nike is a pioneering company of adventurous spirit, which show the image of rebellious by opposing the authority. It encourages confrontation and is innovative use the black as the spokesperson to represent the athletic wear company. The development of basketball in the United States always has a dispute over discrimination. In the 1970s and the 1980s, the average salary of African-American basketball players was about 20% lower than the whites players. At that time, NBA has an unwritten rule that the advertisers are not allowed to find black players to advertise
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It is the hegemonic power struggle between the dominant and subordinate group. On the one hand, Nike is a symbol of resistance to the dominant group. Nike looks for the spokesperson who is maverick, aggressive and sometimes grumpy. For example, one of the Nike sponsors tennis athlete, John Patrick McEnroe is always arguing with the authorities on the tennis court angrily. There is another tennis star Andre Agassi, who is bearded, disheveled long hair and wear short cut jeans as tennis pants in Nike advertisement. It makes the denim tennis pants have become Nike 's specialty products. With these big sports stars represent the resistance spirit in the advertisement, Nike sneakers are no longer just a pair of sports shoes but became a symbol of the idol and social status. These spokespersons also share preach the spirit of resistance, encouraging audiences to speak up and make a resist when injustice incident happened. Audiences have the capacity to express their unique style and identity. On the other hand, Nike stresses the social class and identity, which spread ideology. Fashion as a mean of communication, express the social status, personality, and identity to other. The fashion ideology is implemented and designed by the ruling class. Nike as a dominant athleisure fashion becomes a symbol of the energetic, casual and fashionable brand. Audiences are passive who need to consume to
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