Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Advertisements are means of marketing communication companies, especially larger companies use to persuade their audience to buy their product, or to promote their products, by using different rhetorical appeals. In this essay, I will talk about two different soap ads “Vivel luxury and Fiama Di Wills” that advertise similar products, and how each soap ad uses different rhetorical appeals to persuade its audience. Vivel luxury and Fiama Di Wills are two different Soap ads that advertize similar products, but do their advertisement differently. Although the two ads uses the effectiveness of their product as their ethos and logos; however, Fiama Di Wills Soap ad focuses more on what the soap provides for the body (proteins), while Vivel luxury soap ad focuses more on what the soap does to the body (nourish the body). …show more content…

In terms of audience, both ads are targeting the same audience: women, because in the ads, beautiful celebrities’ women are shown between the age of 28-35 using the products. Both ads use ethos as a form of appeal to persuade its audience. Ethos which refers to as the writer or speaker credibility. In these two ads, ethos is revealed through the use of the companies’ logo and the representation of beautiful celebrities’. Fiama Di Wills Soap ad however, went further in it ethos by indicating that their product is developed by experts and by also listing the names of celebrities that use the product, at the bottom of the ad. Using this rhetorical appeal, ethos, the two ads try to persuade their audience that their company is trustworthy and that their products are really good and grantee since celebrities uses

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