Right And Wrong In Gentlemen, Your Verdict By Michael Bruce

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how do we differentiate what is right from wrong? A query to which people naturally seek a response. Since the conceptions of right and wrong have such a strong interpersonal influence, finding an absolute solution would be impossible.
Most people avoid exploring what is actually right and wrong, relying instead on religion or ideology to provide them with such solutions, which is why finding an answer to this question is so difficult. In the short story " Gentlemen, Your Verdict by Michael Bruce,"
Commander Oram, the captain of a sunken submarine with anoxic conditions, has to choose between sacrificing 15 of his crew to save five or letting them all perish. …show more content…

Although his choice would be viewed by the law as an impulsive abuse of authority, he disagreed with these limitations. He was adamant that the legal conclusions reached about the case were incorrect, and he would follow his moral convictions in order to make the right choice.
Ultimately showing how one's own sense of right and wrong supersedes the conventionally moral course of action in any given circumstance.
In addition, Commander Orams' basic concepts of right and wrong did not include ethics, therefore even if his choice was burdened by its ethical implications, it did not reflect his views. In the aftermath of his crew's demise, "he began and hesitated...with a face as white as death, he poured a stiff drink in every man's cup "(Gentlemen, Your Verdict, page 4). Accurately capturing the commander's emotions as he carried out this challenging task. He was conscious of the consequences of his actions, knowing full well that doing what he thought was right would require him to kill his subordinates and lie to them. Immanuel Kant wrote in his works on the categorial imperative, "So act as to treat humanity, whether in your own person or in another, always as an end and never as only a means "this is the exact opposite of what Commander Oram did, using the …show more content…

The commander's behavior during the crisis amply demonstrated his awareness of these duties. But he continued to rebel against it. He values his moral convictions more than more conformist philosophies. Establishing that a person's perception of right and wrong will influence their choices much more than any conventional notion of these concepts. Despite the fact that his choice was deemed unethical, it could still be justified from other perspectives.

Furthermore, Commander Oram's perception of right and wrong was entirely influenced by reason and the desire for the best outcome. When expressing his choice to go to the shore station after the murders of his subordinates, he says, I could commit my whole crew to death or sacrifice 15 and save 5 (Gentlemen, Your verdict, page 5). It effectively conveys Commander It effectively conveys
Commander Oram’s conviction in his choice. He felt confident that his choice was the right one because he was able to save at least five men, which led to the best possible conclusion. This ideology is notably similar to John Stuart mill's philosophy of utilitarianism, “actions are right

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