Role Of Fate In Greek Mythology

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Fate goes all the way back to Greek mythology. When Zeus created the fates or the Moirai. The Moirai were the goddesses of fate who personified the inescapable destiny of man. They were three old sisters the youngest was Clotho who spun the “thread” of human fate, Lachesis the second sister determines the length of the thread, and then Atropos the oldest who cuts the thread when the proper time has come for death. Greek Mythology had all kind of stories and belief back then, one of the them was the Moirai. Then there are other stories about some trying to change their fate, but in the end fail. For example the story Of Oedipus trying to defy his destiny. Before He was born, His Parents King Laius and Queen Jocasta from Thebes went to go see an Oracle. Who predicted that their son will kill Laius and marry Jocasta. Ordering their servant to take their son to dispose of him, went to go get rid of the baby, but instead of killing him he gave it away to the king and queen of Cornith. Oedipus grow up without realizing he is adopted until one day he is out with some friends drinking, one of his friend that night told him the truth. Finding out this. He travel to Delphi 's to search for the truth. But once he get their he told about a prophecy where he kills his father and marry his mother. Thinking his real parents were in Cornith. Oedipus headed to thebes, on his way over their he confronted a problem with an old man and his servants. He ended up killing all, but one

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