Role Of Nature And Nurture In Human Development

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There are many different discussions on what has the biggest impact when it comes to human development and the make up of DNA. The two terms that describe the makeup of DNA the best is Nature, and Nurture. When discussing Nature vs Nurture, the biggest question that will come up is which term will have the greatest effect on your behavior. By this question, it means will it be the genetic, or the environmental factors that will have the greatest influence on a person 's DNA. It is true that both Nature and Nurture play very important roles when discussing human development, but as you get more in debt between the two, you will realize which one plays the biggest role. When comparing Nature vs Nurture, it is still one of the oldest debates …show more content…

Some examples of these are our eye color, hair color, how tall we will be, the shape of our nose, along with other physical appearance traits. Some scientist think that even behavioral genes such as criminal related, being gay, or even having aggression can come from the Nature aspect. When getting more in debt with Nurture, it is learned that how the parents of the child are, along with home life will effect the human development also. An example of this is if the human is born in a rich or poor household. It can determine if the child is spoiled, or appreciative along with turning into a criminal, or trying to work hard for everything they have. So many outcomes can effect the human development in so many ways. To me, I think both are extremely important, and that not one of them is more important than the other. You have the Nature aspect because it will determine if you get your Mom 's blue eyes, or your Dad 's brown eyes. It will also determine whose height you will inherit along with curly hair or straight. The Nurture part is essentially important too because it will show if the human will develop their Dad 's temper, or their Mom 's patience. Both roles play their part, and without one or the other, you would not have a fully developed

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